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Being in Turkey was difficult, too. A previous version of this article misstated the city where Nia attended university. Inthe couple moved to Washington, D. Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? At his college, a security guard told Nia that a man had been there and asked for his schedule.

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Haghjoo, 31, grew up in a relatively supportive family in Tehran, but he still struggled. They had hardly any money and at times went days with no food while waiting for money transfers to come through. He came out at age 19 to a nurse, who urged him to tell his family. Haghjoo loves that Nia is honest and dedicated to art and creativity. Inthe couple moved to Washington, D.

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Haghjoo is employed as a human rights researcher at a different nonprofit. The couple has made many friends here. The bullet ripped through the right side of his abdomen. Ramtin and close friend Ali shed light on a situation ending the lives of many young men in their native country. The security guard contacted the man who had been threatening Nia, and the phone calls finally stopped.

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