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This is a true story based on an experience I had a few years ago while cruising a park in California Chet Gets Laid Frat guy goes on a cruise to lose it his own way. After suffering a tragic loss Alan and I pick up the pieces of our lives and find happiness Or so Evan finds out after a steamy encounter with the new farm hand Whoever was in there flashed his lights and I flashed mine. Touching his cock made it jump into life and within seconds it was rock hard, just as I was getting into position to give him a blow job we heard rustlings close by.

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I took his cock in my mouth and licked the tip clean.

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A Night at the Baths Firsthand account of recent visit to a bath-house. Log in Sign up now. Love, fear, sex, suicide, torn, sex, sex Sign up for our newsletter. They never noticed me watching. To say I was disappointed was an understatement I waited about half an hour and was just going to drive home, then a lovely Renault van pulled up. Fortunately it wasn't as the guy approached with his cock in hand, rubbing his cock up and down.

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In and Out of Focus. They never noticed me watching. Unsubscribe at any time. We enjoy a shagging session with another guy but find that that sort of enjoyment is different from when just the two of us make love Back on the Track Funeral is catalyst for former gay lovers to reconnect. More info in the FAQ.

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