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Only recently have redheaded men shared that same spotlight. I understand these messages are intended as compliments, and I do generally regard them as such. Choosing a redhead for his hair is like choosing a cereal because it has a cool toy in its box. Logo and all related marks and designs are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Bobby Box is a freelance journalist and editor whose work on sex, relationships, culture, and sexuality has been published in the Daily Beast, Playboy, Them. As a kid, I was tormented for my red hair. Ever since I got into the little modeling side gig people said I should try out for redhot

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My whole life people made fun of my hair and said I was ugly.

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Then come the generalizations. Please go purchase a calender, smash the stereotype and support a good cause. Other than that, gingers are very normal. This increase in redheaded males may have been boosted by the viral Red Hotan artbook and campaign that portrays redheaded men as strong, proud, sexy, and confident individuals. Now, as an openly bisexual adult, I receive a different kind of attention for my hair—especially from men. Maybe you can beat her? Prior to that, however, gingers were in vogue during monarchical dynasties when powerful gingers, namely the Tudors e.

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Unfortunately, how most choose to articulate this attraction can be jarring. Only recently have redheaded men shared that same spotlight. My grandma has ordered 3. There was no way. The genesis of ginger discrimination is rooted in the British Isles to later be trumpeted by programs like South Parkwhich spread to the United States by way of the Irish potato famine.

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