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But nothing challenges the most recent scandal there. Thus a phony journalist, planted by a Republican organisation, used by the White House press secretary to interrupt questions from the press corps, protected from FBI vetting by the press office, disseminating smears about its critics and opponents, some of them gay-baiting, was unmasked not only as a hireling and fraud but as a gay prostitute, with enormous potential for blackmail. It has been twelve years of their marriage and still there is no news published about going through divorce between the couple. McClellan is an Austin native. Besides this, he never became the highlight of media with his external link ups and relationship news. But who was Gannon?

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If he is then that would make them total hypocrits.

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A hireling, a fraud and a prostitute

I can say, without fear of contradiction, that I knew Scott better than any other White House correspondent or Washington reporter. Now, it's the religious right that bothers me, and I can draw a line between Bush, and this particularally outspoke and loud niche group. Going to gay bars isn't an indicator of "actually" being gay. And Rove outing Plame? Who cares if he's gay or not?

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But nothing challenges the most recent scandal there. Gannon was frequently quoted and highlighted as an expert guest on rightwing radio shows. Originally posted by djohnsto77 Who cares if he's gay or not? This is as dumb as the thread on Obama's middle name. He held the responsibility of student council president while studying at high school. RawStory, which has outed other anti-gay Republicans, said its source "reserved comment on whether McClellan was actually gay, but said he was frequently seen at gay clubs. I think you wanted to introduce this enticing little nibble:

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