Sarah palin and gay rights

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And I'm not an advocate for that. While interviewing candidates to fill judge vacancies in Alaska state courtsPalin asked prospective appointees questions about work history, background and basic judicial philosophy. So, yeah, with some practical things that have to be made, some decisions here, with perhaps changing, in future years, not adversely affecting those who are reliant on retirement benefits today, for instance, Social Security benefitsbut changing, perhaps, the eligibility in future years. She had company there. I was simply pointing out the irony of an often selective interpretation of free speech rights.

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And, as you know, I say that also as the daughter of a school teacher, a science teacher, who has really instilled in me a respect for science.

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Palin: 'We Need to Strengthen Marriage,' Not Redefine It

Palin said of contraception that "kids who may not hear about it at home should hear about it in other avenues. Palin told the media through her spokesperson [] and three posts to her Facebook page [97] [98] [99] that statements about Ezekiel Emanuel were reasons for her death panel comments. I was surprised that the President spent time on that in his State of the Union speech when he only spent about 9 percent of his time in the State of the Union on national security issues. Military experts believe a long-range missile could reach Alaska, where part of the United States' missile defense system is located. Managing Editor; Herman, Drew:

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Third party and independent candidates. Gene Straatmeyer, a local Presbyterian minister, Palin told him during a City Council hearing, "'I go to Assembly of God Church and I am a Sunday school teacher there and I see no relationship between my Christian faith and what hours the bars close. But when it comes to picking our battles, for many of us in Alaska, legalization of marijuana just was never really a bright blip on the radar screen, so it didn't surprise me when the voters of Alaska went back to legalizing it. Obama birth certificate 'a fair question ' ". On March 2,she tweeted: The Week May 31, I'd like to see that continue, but unfortunately, the Dream Act kind of usurps that, the system, that is a legal system, to make sure that immigrants who want to be here legally, working hard, producing and supplying revenue and resources for their family, that they're able to do that right and legally.

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